Transformation from the Inside-Out


Indeed, many change methods already exist and nonetheless we still hear that overall 70% of change projects may fail. Not really a definition of success and still the need for change is increasing constantly. However, we should not be scared of change or transformational processes. Our entire life is constantly changing and so is our business and, consequently, the organization running the business also needs to change. No mention of where this above-mentioned failure figure has come from–it is obviously just based on an unscientific estimate–but it does set up a need for an alternative theory of change.


With NeuroChange, we instead put more effort into understanding the complexity of an organization and its actors working in this organizational context in order to improve the change success rate. We take advantage of all existing social-cognitive neuroscience research about individual change on the one hand and, on the other hand, the findings and experiences regarding internal organizational logic in all dimensions. It is all about the instance of apprehending the true nature of an organization: The insight into an organization as a change from inside starts with insights.


The upcoming digital business transformation will undoubtedly force us to learn to deal with a constant change culture. Our business leaders who accomplish successful change projects need to get a better understanding of social-cognitive neuroscience tools in order to be able to minimize social pain as there are so many opportunities for facilitating change by motivating organizational member behavior. We therefore hope that NeuroChange can contribute in the future to intensive intercommunication between change management experts and neuroscientists in order to better understand organizational change from the inside-out.