“YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD"  (Mahatma Gandhi; 1869 – 1948)

NeuroChange is a boutique executive business network that specializes in Organizational Design, Change and People Management. The network philosophy builds upon the principal to empower organization, so that they are able to establish brain-friendly corporations and network-organizations for the purpose of a long-run economic growth.


Alfred Steinwender is the founder of NeuroChange. Alfred has been working in executive positions  for more than 20 years. During these years he has collaborated with a lot of top consulting companies and experts in various change management projects. Through all these collaborations he learned that the key of success was always based on a good co-work from internal and external expertise. Therefore, NeuroChange doesn’t intend to deliver a blueprint of methods and tools to clients. Moreover, NeuroChange shall coach organizations to self-manage their change processes and build up their skills and knowledge for a sustainable development.