Human Aspects

Human Aspects · 14. July 2019
During learning, the neurotransmitter dopamine is assigned a central role. Dopamine is always then released in the brain whenever changes and learning processes are looming. The neurotransmitter is the motivator for the change.

Human Aspects · 06. July 2019
We are constantly changing–our entire lives. Our brain is also constantly learning and we nonetheless are so afraid of change. But then why? Can’t we even look forward to change?

Human Aspects · 23. June 2019
The path to agile transformation all too quickly challenges managers. Through self-management on the one hand and a change resistance on the other hand, we create a (fr-)agile management state which is not beneficial to a transformation process.

Human Aspects · 24. April 2019
Motivation determines the direction, the intensity and the duration of our action. If we do not understand our motivational factors, we lose the humans during the transformation process.

Human Aspects · 05. March 2019
Appreciation creates successful experiences and yet we all too rarely experience appropriate appreciation during everyday business life. Appreciation and praise are essential elements in the management of employees. What can we learn in this regard from neurology?

Human Aspects · 09. February 2019
While we were just dealing with Generation Y and trying to understand it, the next generation was already right before us. The future belongs to Generation Z and it is different. Let’s get ready and let’s begin to understand it!

Human Aspects · 12. January 2019
... and not that generations wouldn’t have previously tried this, but these days this appears to be accepted. Thus, “Generation Z” is different: It doesn’t just say “no”, but its “no” has consequences. We should analyze these consequences even more.

Human Aspects · 14. December 2018
According to a study from the Institute for Corporate Productivity, only 8 percent of HR executives thought performance management made a significant contribution to performance. Employees blame unfair compensation systems and managers are frustrated. What can we do?

Human Aspects · 08. December 2018
When I recently read in a blog article from Bernd Slaghuis that almost every third employee wishes to slow down in his professional life, I questioned this–namely why this then happens so rarely? Aren’t we missing a big opportunity here?

Human Aspects · 12. October 2018
"Myth of Motivation" from Reinhard K. Sprenger has changed management. Thus, have bonus and incentive systems died or does Sprenger err when he refers to them as “governance cynicisms”?

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