Organisational Design

Organisational Design · 12. January 2020
In designing organizations, we are very often aiming to reduce complexity, embrace empowerment and strengthen our customer-orientation. Companies stagger from one transformation directly to the next reorganization. Is there an answer to this challenge?

Organisational Design · 06. January 2020
What does it benefit us that we know that the amygdala is activated when threats arise? Neuroscientific findings are helpful from many perspectives and in many management disciplines in order to convey new viewpoints and mind-sets. Is this also applicable to change management?

Organisational Design · 15. October 2019
Nicolay Worren, Jeroen van Bree and William Zybach reflected recently in the Journal of Organization Design on today’s most important challenges in organization designs. Have they really changed significantly compared to all those we have experienced in recent years?

Organisational Design · 27. June 2019
Even if it is oftentimes endeavoured to sell the employees on the idea that agility is the panacea for everything which will make the employees happy, we may never forget the following: Agility is no social romanticism.

Organisational Design · 06. June 2019
Through his book “Reinventing Organisations”, Frederic Laloux triggered a discussion around alternative organisational forms with new interesting approaches. The trend to low-hierarchical organisations is clearly recognisable, but is the hierarchy truly already thus obsolete?

Organisational Design · 15. April 2019
During times like these, during many transformation processes these days, we are experiencing the desire to agilely structure our business models. The digitalisation is also speeding up this process. Are there alternatives in this regard?

Organisational Design · 16. November 2018
The digital transformation is forcing organizations towards more innovation. Innovation comes from the stimulance part of our brain and requires space in order to achieve our best. Can employees’ freedoms and operational control–as antagonists–have only one winner?

Organisational Design · 10. November 2018
“The boxes-and-arrows approach to organizational design may have outlived its usefulness”, said Phanish Puranam. Over centuries, we have lived in these boxes, our status was defined through the box to which we were dedicated. Is this now all useless?

Organisational Design · 25. September 2018
Globalization, digitalization and many additional themes have become the mega-trend in recent years. Do we still have the connectivity under control or is it more for us–like Peter Kruse said–like with the sorcerer’s apprentice: “I can’t get rid of the spirits which I have called forth“?

Organisational Design · 28. August 2018
In the article “The Science of Organizational Design: Fit between Structure and Coordination”, Richard M. Burton and Børge Obel argue that designing organizations should be scientifically-based and forward-looking. Is this a contradiction in terms or does it fit?

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