Change Management

Change Management · 02. January 2019
Whenever we change organizations, we need a change dynamic which can be generated only through an instability within the system. During times of stability, we always do the same thing–display conduct according to defined rules. And precisely these rules need to be broken!

Change Management · 27. November 2018
We all know that only through active communication can we change individual behavior during transformational processes. And yet many transformational processes fail due to inefficient communication. What are we doing right? What can we do better?

Change Management · 23. October 2018
John P. Kotter–and subsequently many prominent consulting firms–explain to us that most change processes fail. Kotter’s 8 steps would be the means to an end for a successful change process. Is change really then so simple?

Change Management · 13. July 2018
Transitional processes need to be prepared for far earlier than when the real change starts. Managing the change is not enough–we have to steer the transformation. Leaders understand that they have to take their employees emotionally on this journey.

Change Management · 19. May 2018
In transition processes we often promote a “new way of working”. People in organization have to learn new skills and need to adapt their behave to be ready for the future. What can we learn from the behavior patterns of our brain for this learning process?

Change Management · 09. May 2018
Our traditional change management methodologies might no longer meet our demands in our fast-moving world any longer. Change must be seen as an on-going process rather than something that can be planned for. But what does this mean for today’s organisations?

Change Management · 04. March 2018
What can we learn from neuroscience in order to motivate our people during change processes?

Change Management · 06. January 2018
Restructuring processes are creating often social pain into organizations. Which role does social pain play in transformation processes to individuals?

Change Management · 01. January 2018
NeuroChange is a new way to take advantage out of neuroscience theories in change management processes.