Change Management

Change Management · 13. October 2020
Everybody calls for change and nonetheless hardly anyone truly wants to change. Coherence is the condition for which we all strive. But how do we want to then successfully implement a change process? Is there a way out of this dilemma?

Change Management · 12. September 2020
We like to play with people’s fears. The events of the last months in the Corona crisis have shown us how much fear can influence people’s behaviour. During change processes, people also like to play with fears. Is that purposeful? Are there not also other ways?

Change Management · 30. July 2020
During a change process, many decisions have to be made. Moreover, the significance of communication is repeatedly emphasised – particularly when it concerns communicating decisions. Unfortunately, this also rarely succeeds!

Change Management · 13. July 2020
We live in a time in which precisely everything is changing right now. For some people, this creates anxiety although we, as humans, are constantly changing. Nothing remains as it was before and that is indeed good because change that does not occur or is too slow frequently means death.

Change Management · 02. April 2020
In times like these, companies find out how well-prepared they are for a crisis. Systematic crisis management in organizations is underestimated. It has become time to assign this theme greater importance.

Change Management · 22. March 2020
The world has changed over these recent weeks. It is the beginning of the end of a globalization as we have understood it up to now. The term “New Work” is no longer new, but rather part of everyday life. What will then precisely occur at our companies?

Change Management · 23. February 2020
The Israeli-American Medical Sociologist Aaron Antonovsky placed the factors of influence of understanding, feasibility and meaningfulness as coherent feelings as the focus of the creation of health – findings which we can also use well in change management.

Change Management · 19. January 2020
Another reorganization already again! Among the employees, the anxiety increases and, as the result of the increasing dynamic in the change process, the stress level increases and increases. It is time to design transformations differently! In a more stress-free manner because this is the only way to ensure success.

Change Management · 09. April 2019
A recently-published HBR paper stated that almost 70% of all digital transformation initiatives do not reach their goals. What’s going wrong in our digital transformation processes? What are the lessons learned from these examples?

Change Management · 25. February 2019
Our status is of central importance to us. We often define ourselves all too much based upon our social status. However, during change processes, precisely this social status is put at risk. What can we thus learn from Maslow in order to keep persons motivated during the change process?

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