Human Aspects · 12. January 2019
... and not that generations wouldn’t have previously tried this, but these days this appears to be accepted. Thus, “Generation Z” is different: It doesn’t just say “no”, but its “no” has consequences. We should analyze these consequences even more.

Change Management · 02. January 2019
Whenever we change organizations, we need a change dynamic which can be generated only through an instability within the system. During times of stability, we always do the same thing–display conduct according to defined rules. And precisely these rules need to be broken!

Human Aspects · 14. December 2018
According to a study from the Institute for Corporate Productivity, only 8 percent of HR executives thought performance management made a significant contribution to performance. Employees blame unfair compensation systems and managers are frustrated. What can we do?

Human Aspects · 08. December 2018
When I recently read in a blog article from Bernd Slaghuis that almost every third employee wishes to slow down in his professional life, I questioned this–namely why this then happens so rarely? Aren’t we missing a big opportunity here?

Change Management · 27. November 2018
We all know that only through active communication can we change individual behavior during transformational processes. And yet many transformational processes fail due to inefficient communication. What are we doing right? What can we do better?

Organisational Design · 16. November 2018
The digital transformation is forcing organizations towards more innovation. Innovation comes from the stimulance part of our brain and requires space in order to achieve our best. Can employees’ freedoms and operational control–as antagonists–have only one winner?

Organisational Design · 10. November 2018
“The boxes-and-arrows approach to organizational design may have outlived its usefulness”, said Phanish Puranam. Over centuries, we have lived in these boxes, our status was defined through the box to which we were dedicated. Is this now all useless?

Change Management · 23. October 2018
John P. Kotter–and subsequently many prominent consulting firms–explain to us that most change processes fail. Kotter’s 8 steps would be the means to an end for a successful change process. Is change really then so simple?

Human Aspects · 12. October 2018
"Myth of Motivation" from Reinhard K. Sprenger has changed management. Thus, have bonus and incentive systems died or does Sprenger err when he refers to them as “governance cynicisms”?

Human Aspects · 02. October 2018
As Michael Porter said, “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do”, and consequently that means that the essence is truly not doing it. In transformation processes, we see that too many projects are launched at the same time. How can we deal with this overload?

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