Human Aspects · 14. July 2019
During learning, the neurotransmitter dopamine is assigned a central role. Dopamine is always then released in the brain whenever changes and learning processes are looming. The neurotransmitter is the motivator for the change.

Human Aspects · 06. July 2019
We are constantly changing–our entire lives. Our brain is also constantly learning and we nonetheless are so afraid of change. But then why? Can’t we even look forward to change?

Organisational Design · 27. June 2019
Even if it is oftentimes endeavoured to sell the employees on the idea that agility is the panacea for everything which will make the employees happy, we may never forget the following: Agility is no social romanticism.

Human Aspects · 23. June 2019
The path to agile transformation all too quickly challenges managers. Through self-management on the one hand and a change resistance on the other hand, we create a (fr-)agile management state which is not beneficial to a transformation process.

Organisational Design · 06. June 2019
Through his book “Reinventing Organisations”, Frederic Laloux triggered a discussion around alternative organisational forms with new interesting approaches. The trend to low-hierarchical organisations is clearly recognisable, but is the hierarchy truly already thus obsolete?

Human Aspects · 24. April 2019
Motivation determines the direction, the intensity and the duration of our action. If we do not understand our motivational factors, we lose the humans during the transformation process.

Organisational Design · 15. April 2019
During times like these, during many transformation processes these days, we are experiencing the desire to agilely structure our business models. The digitalisation is also speeding up this process. Are there alternatives in this regard?

Change Management · 09. April 2019
A recently-published HBR paper stated that almost 70% of all digital transformation initiatives do not reach their goals. What’s going wrong in our digital transformation processes? What are the lessons learned from these examples?

Human Aspects · 05. March 2019
Appreciation creates successful experiences and yet we all too rarely experience appropriate appreciation during everyday business life. Appreciation and praise are essential elements in the management of employees. What can we learn in this regard from neurology?

Change Management · 25. February 2019
Our status is of central importance to us. We often define ourselves all too much based upon our social status. However, during change processes, precisely this social status is put at risk. What can we thus learn from Maslow in order to keep persons motivated during the change process?

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