Organisational Design · 12. January 2020
In designing organizations, we are very often aiming to reduce complexity, embrace empowerment and strengthen our customer-orientation. Companies stagger from one transformation directly to the next reorganization. Is there an answer to this challenge?

Organisational Design · 06. January 2020
What does it benefit us that we know that the amygdala is activated when threats arise? Neuroscientific findings are helpful from many perspectives and in many management disciplines in order to convey new viewpoints and mind-sets. Is this also applicable to change management?

18. December 2019
NeuroChange wishes a Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year to all our supporters, followers and blog-readers. We are looking forward continuing our collaborations. Stay with us and share your views!

Human Aspects · 15. December 2019
We are constantly being bombarded by information and it is becoming more and more difficult for us to be able to concentrate on individual details. In addition, we are constantly changing our roles and thus believe that we are becoming more and more efficient. What do we have to do in order to still avoid burnout?

Human Aspects · 08. December 2019
We have developed a feedback culture which is increasingly being used in an unreflected manner and thus causes more damage to us than benefit for us. There are far better methods for efficiently supporting a behavioural change. We must only learn to utilise them!

Human Aspects · 01. December 2019
My boss is supposed to have rough edges, is supposed to be my trainer, then once again a moderator or a mentor. Are our visions of and wishes for management personnel still even realistic? In this regard, are we then losing our authenticity?

Human Aspects · 27. November 2019
Digital nomads enjoy independence. The freedom of being able to work in any location in the world is becoming more and more popular and thus appears to be rather enticing. In this regard, is digitalisation an opportunity or a risk for social impoverishment?

Human Aspects · 12. November 2019
We come into the world in a highly-resilient form, perfectly fit our environment in our first years of life, but then lose these abilities during the course of our life. What is wrong with us? Why do changes become increasingly difficult for us as we become older?

Organisational Design · 15. October 2019
Nicolay Worren, Jeroen van Bree and William Zybach reflected recently in the Journal of Organization Design on today’s most important challenges in organization designs. Have they really changed significantly compared to all those we have experienced in recent years?

Human Aspects · 08. September 2019
We are so proud of our cognitive abilities and nonetheless the homo digitalis also needs his emotional filter in order to be able to make decisions. What influences our decision-making and why is it so difficult for us to make objective decisions?

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