Human Aspects · 23. April 2020
Crises challenge us and sometimes even overwhelm us. Leadership during these times must be reformulated. How we will come out of the crisis will depend on the efficiency of the crisis management. We must change our routines and, in so doing, learn quickly!

Human Aspects · 13. April 2020
The new world is forcing us to completely rethink many areas. Thus, we must also embark down new paths in recruiting and above all in the onboarding of new employees. In this regard, what must we keep in mind? What will change?

Change Management · 02. April 2020
In times like these, companies find out how well-prepared they are for a crisis. Systematic crisis management in organizations is underestimated. It has become time to assign this theme greater importance.

Human Aspects · 29. March 2020
We are experiencing a time right now whereby we cannot yet perceive its ramifications at all. However, due to this situation, we are also finding out the possibilities and limits of the home office. We were not prepared for this. But where will it now take us?

Change Management · 22. March 2020
The world has changed over these recent weeks. It is the beginning of the end of a globalization as we have understood it up to now. The term “New Work” is no longer new, but rather part of everyday life. What will then precisely occur at our companies?

Organisational Design · 04. March 2020
“Why are you guys still controlling yourselves? But we are living in an agile organization!” We are hearing such statements and similar statements more and more frequently at companies and the management experiences self-doubt. Are trust and control truly such opposing forces?

Change Management · 23. February 2020
The Israeli-American Medical Sociologist Aaron Antonovsky placed the factors of influence of understanding, feasibility and meaningfulness as coherent feelings as the focus of the creation of health – findings which we can also use well in change management.

Human Aspects · 16. February 2020
The Oxygen Project links great quantities of employee, team and performance data in order to identify which constellation produces a high-performance team. There are numerous projects of this type, but does this then truly create a people-oriented HR management approach?

Organisational Design · 08. February 2020
Traditional organizations are designed primarily for stability. Goals and decision-making rights follow a top-down approach and so does their performance management. Nowadays, organizations are using designs that are more agile to meet the business demands. But how does their performance management look?

Change Management · 19. January 2020
Another reorganization already again! Among the employees, the anxiety increases and, as the result of the increasing dynamic in the change process, the stress level increases and increases. It is time to design transformations differently! In a more stress-free manner because this is the only way to ensure success.

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